Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What the hell is a mom-dent ?!?

A mom-dent is a sub-species in the genera 'Mom-Sapian', a less talked about and even more reviled member of the WM (working mom) genus. Grossly underpaid, under-appreciated and most likely sleep deprived, the mom-dent spends her time shuttling between demanding babies and irate graduate supervisors. Both of whom find it infinitely amusing to see them scuttle mindlessly and muttering under their breathes.

Mom-dents can be instantly recognized by distinct bags under their eyes from sleepless nights and looming deadlines. Their disheveled hair and mis-matched clothes are often classic mom-dent signatures and you can tell how tired a mom-dent is usually by the size of the coffee cup she is lugging around. Which in all likely hood, has become an extended appendage to her arm.
Coffee is the key to her survival!

Mom-dents live a solitary life, finding comfort only in the warm acceptance of other mommy's when they congregate over a hot steaming cup of tea.  They often sigh, feel guilty about not taking their momlings to enough play-groups, outings and trying to socialize the little monsters into functioning members of society.

Yet school is not much fun either! Oh no, no, no... Mom-dents will stare wistfully ( *cough* resentfully!) at the blissful, childless and carefree others and think back to the days when their identity was not so multi-hyphenated.  The traveling to exotic places! The late nights! All things of the past to be remembered with fondness and a hint of nostalgia. 

So next time you see a Mom-dent. Give her a smile, hug her and buy her some coffee. She will love you like her own child :)

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  1. i love it ... amazing Mehereen - I would just replace the moms congregating over a hot steaming cup of tea ... with wine.
    speaking of which .. its been a while :P
    look forward to reading more !