Saturday, April 5, 2014

Working weekends for a Momdent.

Ola les amis! Sorry for being MIA but dent-life got really busy in the last weeks and between school, mommyhood and trying to squeeze in training time for the 10 K run,  life got a bit more madder than usual.
In the middle of it all, it dawned me how two relatively identical situations, a few years apart can feel so different...

Let's rewind the clock and take a peek at not mom-dent life, on a busy weekend with a presentation due in the following week :

Two scenarios, with two very different outcomes presented for your reading pleasure.

Just-dent, circa, 2009.
 Get up around 9.30-10.00,  stay in bed, cuddle for a moment with sweets hubs, take some me time on the throne.
 Why thank you Dah-ling (OK, maybe not that exactly, but nostalgia  is always imbued in sepia and speaks like Lady Catherine de Bourgh! So suck it!). Any hooooo... where was I? Oh yes!  I thank sweet hubs as he makes some delectable eggs in a basket with jalapeno Havarti on the side, drizzled with brown butter on a bread he made the night before. The smell of freshly ground coffee wafts through the kitchen...

I saunter over to the desk/ office-cave with a steaming cup of coffee to create my masterpiece at a relaxed, easy pace. After all, I have the ENTIRE weekend to complete it, so there is NO rush or stress. Beside, I'm too cool to be stressed Yo!

Take a break for lunch, gossip with Bestie while doing my nails go back to put in another few hours  and then finish for the day around five with a sense of glowing accomplishment and pride.

Sweet hubs: Hey fab friends want to do something naturally fabulous.Want to swing by before we head off to do an utterly charming and romantic evening this Saturday night? Sure, honey-kins! Give me an hour to freshen up! I say as I flounce to the bathroom, blow dry and style my luscious locks, wear my ultra thin jeans and those kick-ass pencil heeled boots and get ready for a night out.
Happy. contented  and totally in control.

oh the glory days......

Mom-dent, circa, now.
Feel the sunlight searing my eyesballs around 7ish  as the little prince pries my eyes open with his pincer like fingers. Stumble down and try to shove some breakfast down his throat, change his diaper and put the kettle on for some tea. Stare intently at the kettle to make the damn thing boil faster..
 Give up and shuffle over to the desk/office-cave and go over old presentations to determine how much I can reuse for this one . Grad school makes you very efficient at extracting and recycling old information in a new garb!

(All the water has evaporated from the kettle, and its now hissing furiously in the kitchen.  I add more water and make my self a cup of tea. Ah! nothing like strong black tea with mint leaves and condensed milk to rejuvenate them tired bones..)

'No little Prince,I'm working, please play on your own! I shout back, exasperated.
'OK Mama!' he says, as he plays for exactly 5 seconds before he's baaaack!
'Mama I want to watch Pavarotti, I want to watch wheels on the bus....mama, mama mama.....'

Usually at this point the stink-eye and few choice words muttered under my breath have finally reached oblivious-to-the chaos sweet hubs and he entertains the little prince with videos of hippos or whatever shit father and sons do. Or weather permitting, take him out. THESE  few hours are my window of opportunity. Especially since the next day is reserved for making memories and I would not want to miss out on that at any cost. So I shift into high gear and carve out the foundation of the presentation.

The boys return and its lunch time.  Since I'm right in the thick of things and don't want to break the momentum, I wisely decide to multi-task. Feed the prince, feed myself AND continue working on presentation. I have two hands! I can do with with my eyes closed and this slide just needs.....
'Mama, please feed ME!! my poor sons says with his mouth wide open for the last 5 minutes. The spoon  is still suspended in my hand but the food is on the floor instead of his mouth.. Oye we! more cleaning!

Then I put my little prince down for his nap and come back to the presentation. I look over what I have done so far and make a plan of action of what needs to be done urgently and what I can leave until the following week (sounds so professional!). I work on a few more slides and realize I still have time to make it for my run (sweet!) before the little prince is up.

I come back  just as the little tyke is up and call it runner's endorphins or whatever, I'm in a great mood so I play with the monkey and then descend into my office-cave for another round of work. I shuffle out of there around 6.00, bleary eyed, and grumpy. Yes the endorphins have worn off and I'm hurting! Although I am terribly relieved that I managed to finish a major chunk of the presentation.

Sweets hubs: Fab friends want to do something naturally fabulous, do you want to swing...
" You gotta ask your self the question, do ya feel lucky? Well do ya?!? PUNK ? I drawl in my best Dirty harry impression ( narrowed eyes and all,  imagining myself with my hands on my holster,western theme playing and all...). I  channel either Amitabh (more Shahenshah, less Mohabbattein), dirty harry, LOTR or an occasional Braveheart when I'm angry. Don't ask why.

Sweet hubs backs up slowly as he throws his panicked salvo : 'We can have Biryani! or Thai! or both! whatever you want' ... ( magic words, if ever were spoken)
Me: .....................
Sweet Hubs waits expectantly..

Me: OK fine! give me 5 minutes. I need to put on fresh underwear and wash my face! I trudge up stairs, glance at the lank, sweaty hair and decide that skipping the shower might not be the best of ideas. Jump into the shower and on cue the little monkey comes into the bathroom to "help' mama.
To be fair he is a pretty quick and efficient towel boy!

Get ready, wear whatever is washed and/or does not smell. Put on some makeup with my personal makeup artist/ assistant in tow and dream of sweet salvation with that yummy Biryani

ummm............ Biryanii. I want biryani......

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