Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Promises...

My little prince. My precious boy. You are the nexus of my universe. Having you has made me understand the fierce depths of love that only a mother can feel for her child. There are moments when I look at you and the only way to describe the profound rush of love is the Japanese word yugen (an emotional reaction that cannot be chronicled by words). Alas, the english language is too poor to adequately describe the waves of happiness, joy and thankfulness that wash over me when I look at you, my sweet boy.

Today so close to mother's day, I want to make some promises to you. I hope that one day you will read these and maybe we can do a review of how I did!! ( I better get a 10 on 10 mister!)

1. I promise to hold your hand as far as you need me to. In the playground, in a new classroom or just because.  When the world seems like a scary place, my hand will always be waiting for yours so that we can walk together, as long you as need.

"You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth"- 'The Prophet, Khalil Gibran'
2. I also promise to let you be. To explore the mysteries and wonders. When you are ready to let go, I will let you fly and follow your own path. You were meant to glide and soar my little bird. You journey is to greatness and I ( to borrow very heavily from Khalil Gibran) will be the bow that seeks to let you my magnificent arrow, fly true and far.  That being said, there will be storms my son and whenever you need a harbor, your mamma will always be there to make you feel safe. Always.

3. I promise to never stop the kiss-copter or nose kissies.. or our favorite HUGGIES!. Never underestimate the power of a good jhappi or hug and never be afraid to show the people you love just how much they mean to you.

4. I promise to hug you even more fiercely and deeply every time you get a boobo or are upset to make up for when I wont be able to.  There will be a time where my kisses will not fix and make you 'all better'. When you will have to face your challenges on your own, when cruel words will cut you more deeply than any wound. At those moments I want you to remember that your mama's heart also gets hurt every time you are in pain. She loves you and has your back.

5. I promise to fight for you and yes fight with you. You have your Dada's stubbornness and your mom's tenacity and I know you will drive me crazy! But I will fight for you when ever you need a warrior on your side. You aspire me to be better, to do better and I will do my damnest best to make sure you get everything and you never give up and always fight for what you believe and what you want.

6. I promise to read with you as much as I can. Books are your gateway to wondrous lands and I want to give you the gift of imagination.  You can go any where you like through books. You can climb the highest mountains or go to the deepest depths of the ocean or to fantastical universes filled with magic and wonder. Your mama loves to read and I spent my childhood visiting new worlds, learning new things all by reading books. I want you to have that special feeling when you finish a good book. I want you to understand the power of the written word. More now than ever, my child of the digital age. I want you to experience that rush of familiarity when you turn the pages of a much beloved and oft read book.

7. I promise to have fun with you, travel together with you,  go on long walks and jump through muddy puddles even though I HATE  muddy puddles because I know that's what you will remember.

8. I promise to teach you to respect people and be kind. I want to show you by example and by my actions. Courtesy, respect and kindness are important even when you are a swaggering 25 year old who I most certainly will be nagging for your choice of........ better not have a mohawk!!

9. I promise to try my hardest every day to not hurt you either by careless words or being annoyed. I realize that when you are that way, it mostly for attention, I will try my best every time to give you all of me, as much as I can.. I will not promise perfection but I will try every day to be the best mother I can to you and will never stop trying.

10. I promise in the words of Monica (friends!) to love you so much that no woman will never be good enough for you!!!!!
PS: seriously, I promise to hate every and anyone you ever bring home! that little conniving skank!.....

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  1. Such precious and honest words of a mother's pure unconditional and a love parallel by none other. Yes.,, a mother's selfless love for her child. All the more when the little precious is as old or young as your prince is. There is no doubt you will score a straight sure shot 10/10. Believe me I know what a special one you yourself are.