Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A typical day in the life of this Mom-dent.

5.00-6.00 AM: Numbing pain. Momling decides that the place between the neck and shoulders is perfect for him to sleep.  This elevates the distance between said neck and shoulders to 'Exorcist levels'. Gently move the little prince to my side.  He promptly and heart-meltingly puts his arms and legs around me.

6.00-7.ish AM: Drift off to sleep with my very own warm and cuddly teddy (love!).

7ish AM: Wake up, realize Hubs in still in the shower, kiss little prince and spend a moment listening to his gentle labored breathing.

7ish AM cont: Hurricane Baby is awake. This is the best part of my day. His tiny little fingers reach for my face and he whispers 'Good morning Mama'. As soon as I open my eyes, his expectant little face lights up with the hugest smile.  This is followed by a huggies & kissies & tickle session and more huggies (like I said, the best part of my day). AM: Flurry of activity! Breakfast for prince, getting ready, getting HIM ready!

8.15-8.30 AM: The Battle of the snow pants. Every. Single. Day.

8.30-8.45 AM: Bundle him into the car, drop him at daycare, followed by my second favorite thing in the morning. Our 'Bye Mamma' routine which essentially is more kissies and huggies!

8.45-9.00 AM: Drive like a mad woman through the Tim Horton's drive-through, Formula-1 it to the station and make it to the bus just in time.

9.00 AM: Bus ride to downtown, promptly fall asleep in a conspicuous and visible location so the driver can see my drooling, slumped-over form and wake me up when we reach Union.... and not drive off with me, still snoring to (gulp!) Oshawa.

9.45-10.00 AM: Get to Union and make a bee-line to the lab. If coffee was not procured at Timmy's, then stop at Second cup and grab a flavored coffee (or if I'm feeling particularly cold, a butter-pecan latte with skim milk.. yum!).

10 AMish -12 PMish: Reach lab. Spend a few moments having the first adult conversation of the day with the lovely ladies there. Start the designated work of the day.

12.00-12.30 PM:  Grab Lunch from the cafeteria and catch up on my Indian soap written updates.

12.30-3.30 PM: Work, work and work.

3.30-4.00 PM:  Back to Union to catch train home.

4.00-5.00 PM: Another nap! Adore quiet zone (Moms all over thank you, Go transit). Hate chatty Cathies!

5.00-6.00 PM: Pick up little Prince. Love his huge smile when he sees me. Melts away all the anxieties and tensions I  tend to attract like fly-paper during the day. Come home and try to play with Prince and/or play criminal case on Facebook!

6.30 PM: Dinner time for prince and cooking something quick for sweet Hubs.

6.45 PM: Realize that I forgot to feed Frederick the Fish... yet again! Feed the fish.

7.30-8.30 PM: Bath time for prince, dinner, a 'how-was-your day conversation' with Hubs in the middle while the prince does.. something. Initiate bed time protocol.

9.00 PM: Put Prince to bed and promise my self will try to work for another hour after he is asleep.

10.30 PM: Shit! fell asleep again next to Prince!

10.30 PM ish: Zombie-walk back to my bedroom, grunt something that vaguely resembles  'good night' to Hubs and promptly fall asleep.

Sometime between 1.00 &3.00 AM: Prince is up. He comes to our room and we snuggle back to sleep.

3.00-4.00 AM: The bewitching hour. Grad school creeps back into the consciousness and I spend an inordinate and uncomfortable amount of time alternating between sleep and fretting about the papers, the thesis and the warm and fuzzy "future" (#future!).

4.00-hopefully 7ish AM: Probably dreaming about something good... (like this below...)

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