Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweet Hubs.

15 years ago the sweet hubs and I inadvertently channeled Hans Solo and Leia's love confession and never looked back. I don't talk a lot about the sweet hubs on this blog ( being self obsessed and all..) but the truth is there would be no mad mom-dent without sweet hubs.
I sometimes find my self staring at the hubs when he is asleep. When the worry lines are softened and I can catch a glimpse of that earnest boy who stole my heart so many years ago. I fell in love with the twinkle in his eyes and even today my heart skips a beat when sweet hubs smiles and his eyes crinkle with mischief.

Sweet hubs and I have literally grown up into adult hood together ( well ... he has! I'm still not there yet!) and I love the man he has become. I love how much he cares for us: me, the little prince and the wonderful parents. He without asking, will do things that just make every thing ...easy. He is not the most expressive and I'm still hoping against hope for the day he does some grand, crazy and filmy gesture ( will never happen) but its the little things that make me feel blessed.
He complements me in so many ways. He is calm and patient when I am volatile and explosive. He is the Spock to my Kirk!  The Sam to my Frodo, my dashing, charming Hans Solo. He has the uncanny ability to see to the root of the problem and explains it in a way that does not make you feel like an idiot .He is super handy (so sexy!) and a fabulous cook... What more can I a girl ask for right?

He is also the only one who can infuriate me to the point of totally insanity.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.Marrying him has to date been my best decision and I love him to bits.

So happy kinda-sorta  been together for dog years anniversary, Hubs. The last 15 years with you have been the craziest, most happening and satisfying and  I count you as my biggest blessing. Here's to another 150 years!!!
Love you!!!

My Boys.

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